Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October Meeting

Do you have your toes up while dreaming about our trip to France? Well, get those toes down, because there is so much to do before we depart on May 6, 2012.
This month we will take a short detour to Italy. Liana Sandin will inspire us with this month's program on Marfy patterns. Our program chair, Patti Ferfuson introduces us to Liana and our October program.

Marfy Magic
With patterns from the Big Four readily available and frequently on sale_with Burda Style available by subscription or at the newsstand_with many independent pattern lines being produced to fill various sewing niches, from up-to-the-minute-trendy to art-to-wear_why would anyone spend top dollar for an Italian pattern that comes with no instructions? What is so special_perhaps magical_about Marfy?
If Marfy patterns are new to you, prepare to be intrigued. Italians are known for their style, and Marfy patterns epitomize that style. Each year their catalog includes designs from classic to fashion-forward to the truly avant=garde. You will find designs direct from runways which won't show up in the other patterns lines for a year ot two, if ever. The patterns are uniquely well made, and once you've tried Marfy, you may be spoiled for other lines.
Our October speaker, Liana Sandin will bring a number of pieces made up from Marfy patterns to discuss and show. She hopes members of the Haute Couture Club will bring garments that they have made from Marfy patterns to show as well.
Liana's first sewing experiences were in 4-H at age 7. She's been enjoying the creative outlet and intellectual challenge that sewing provides ever since. A willing gadfly among many fiber techniques including knitting, needle felting, and surface enhancement, garment sewing has remained her main focus throughout. She believes that no matter how old we get, it's still all about the clothes.
Liana is a founder of Stitcher's Guild, a popular internet forum, and also maintains a personal sewing blog, Sew Intriguing. She makes her home in Lincoln,Nebraska.

We look forward to seeing you on October 1,2011. We meet at the Holiday Inn which is in the Apparel Center across from the Merchandise Mart. The meeting begins at 10:30. Parking is $5.00.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bonjour!, and welcome.
As I shared with you in the last post, the fashion show for the Haute Couture Club this year is Le Tour De France. The first segment of the show will be our travel segment. After all,  to travel through France we must first leave America. And what do we all dream of? We dream of the perfect travel wardrobe.
Our April 2012 speaker will be Christine Jonson. She has a lovely line of patterns and a great fabric selection as well. You can find her website here. We will be featuring her Travel Trio patterns. They are perfect patterns for a travel wardrobe, very wearable and all made from knits.

We will have her patterns available at our first meeting. This gives everyone ample time to put together a travel wardrobe. We will have a challenge at this meeting and Christine will be our judge. You do not need to use her patterns for this challenge. We are just trying to give you a starting point.
Hope to see you on September 10, 2011. It will be a great meeting.
Your blog mistress is putting together a number of the pieces above. If you would like to check out what I am doing, you can find me here.